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Last update 2/22/2023

Trackside phone  (410) 448-0730

Special run for the Herb Festival on Saturday May 27

We are a Non-Profit Live Steam Club in Baltimore Maryland located in Leakin Park on Windsor Mill Road. (Map & Directions).  Our public run days are the Second Sunday of each month from April to November from 11:00am to 3:30pm. (Click here for Calendar)  The rides are free and there are picnic tables nearby for those who wish to make a day of it. Our track consists of (depending on who measures) 3200ft-3400ft, 7-1/2" double tracked main line, 1630ft of 4-3/4" on the ground, and 1050ft of elevated 4-3/4" and 3-1/2" track located on about 11.5 acres. Click here for an aerial view    

Safety Notice:  Small children must be able to sit up on our trains. If small children need some support, they must sit on the floor or on the seat in front of an adult who can provide that support. No child while on our trains may be carried in the arms, on the lap, or in any carrier. This policy is for the safety of the children.



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Andrew Dodge prepares to leave the station on his Mogul.  Photo by Brett Hall 

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·         Questions from Trackside Questions and answers that you want to know.


·         Information on locomotives

·         Model Boiler Code for Maryland The CALS worked closely with the State to develop these guidelines.

·         Calculations for Max Traction, Curve radius, & Boilers

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Jim Carpenter  at the throttle of B&O Pacific 5301, the President Adams, taken at Leakin Park, Baltimore, MD, during the Mothers' Day public operating session of the Chesapeake & Allegheny Live Steamers, May 11, 2008.   Photo by Glenn McComas

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Mike Russo and his son Nick on Mike's Hudson

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CSX with a full load. Photo by Brett Hall 

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Paul Seyfrit on Wendy
Photo by
Brett Hall

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