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These are links to locations relating to the Live Steam hobby or full size steam.

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Lou Koehler, Atlantic

Books Online

History of the Steam Engine Complete book online starts in 200B.C.

Heat Engines A brief history Recommended by the Westwood Youth Group

Rail Related Search Engine

Rails USA

Live Steam Clubs (Ride on Size)

Australian Association of Live Steamers

Jim O'Connor's Live Steam Page   Major site with many club listings.

New Jersey Live Steamers

Pacific Live Steam Sites

Klamath & Western Railroad

Train Mountain

Florida Live Steamers Home Page

Fr. Finelli's Railroad Page

Waushakum Live Steamers

Pennsylvania Live Steamers

Lake Shore Live Steamers

Pioneer Valley Live Steamers

North London Society of Model Engineers

Long Island Livesteamers and/or  Photos of Garden scale and Live Steam

Manufactures 3/4" Scale and Larger

O.S Engines Company page

Cannonball Ltd Home Page Kit and part supplier

Graham Industries Stationary Steam Engines kits

Kunkle Valve Popular for safety valves

The Locomotive Works & Little Engines Steam Locomotives and accessories

LocoParts manufactures line of live steam accessories

MDM Locomotive Works Diesels

Titan Trains Kit and part supplier

1" Scale Railroad Supply Car kits, trucks

The Passenger Car Company 1.6 scale Streamlined Passenger Cars formerly Iron Pony

PMresearch Stationary engines and fittings

Plum Cove Studios   Phinneas T. Phlatt Car 7.25-7.5" flat cars

Railroad Supply Kit and parts supplier

Railroad Warehouse 1-1/2" Light Mikado and other parts

Rail Systems Company Diesels

LocoGear Western Maryland Shay #6

Real Trains Kit and parts supplier

Reeves Ltd  Kit and part supplier

Reliable Steam Engine Co.

Roll Models Inc RMI Railworks--Your single source for personal railroad supplies. For the finest quality engines, cars, castings, track, structures, and controls

Stuart Models Stationary engines

Tiny Power Stationary engines

Small Scale (HO, G1, O, etc.)

NMRA Directory of World Wide Rail Sites

Large Scale On-Line Garden Live Steam

Vance Bass Small Scale Steam Gauge 1 Live Steam information

Private Road Name Modelers SIG

Valley N-Trak of Connecticut N scale club in Connecticut

Rockville Model Railroad Society

The Baltimore Society of Model Engineers

North Central Region of the National Model Railroaders Association

European Train Enthusiasts

Steam in the Garden

Tried & True Trains Home Page

Traction Engine Manufactures

Photos of a before and after Case restoration by Steve Curry

SteaMECH Model Engineering Traction engine other models under development

Information on Full Size Steam

Train Photos by Saul Kriger Wilson

Sound files and information on Steam Whistles

Air Horn Information

Cyberspace World Railroad Home Page Information on full size trains past and present

Railroading in the Northeast More Full Size information

Geared Steam Locomotive Works by David Thomas

Recreational Railroads in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the
United States

Steam Locomotive Information by Wes Barris Extensive information on North American Steam Highly Recommended

Massachusetts Bay Division Railroad Enthusiasts

Steamtown National Historic Site

The Index Page and link to Illinois Railroad Museum

Colorado Railroad Museum

Georgetown Loop Railroad, Inc.

The Ultimate Steam Page Information on modern steam attempts

The Southern California Scenic Railway Association


Live Steam Magazine

Grand Scales Quarterly

The Home Railway Journal

The 7Plus Railroader


Metal and Metal Working

Chesapeake Area Metalworking Society(CAMS)   Local metalworking club.  The following info supplied by Dave Welser.   "We have been working on solidifying a club in the Washington DC area for several months now and have reached the point where we are going to set up our charter and bylaws. We have a list/newsgroup and a web site that may be of some interest to your members. We meet once a month alternately in Virginia(Annandale) and Maryland (Burtonsville). Our meeting dates, locations and directions are available at our web site. Currently we are getting 20 to 25 members at the meetings and have about 80 on the roles with about 60 paying attention to the newsgroup."

Sherline Products Home Page



SHAMROCK Machinery Company


Minitech Machinery Corporation