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About This Game

The game consists of 4 parts:basic skills:1: For the stand-alone game, you can play tournament games and heads-up 😗 games against professional-level AI opponents.The current price isR$50. In the next version, the nash solver real-time calculation and decision-making function 😗 will be integrated in the decision assistant of the game. The price will be raised toR$100, just to let you 😗 experience the value of GTO technology in real-time games.Advanced Features:2: A complete set of Texas Hold'em calculation tools.3: Simulator function: 😗 It can be used as an online Texas Hold'em game auxiliary tool for real-time calculation of various data and decision-making 😗 assistant tools, as well as a post-match review tool, or use the simulator as a hand training device.4: Hand trainer: 😗 In the game, you can freely set your hole cards or a custom range, or set a certain type of 😗 player range, so as to train.These tool functions will be removed in one version and placed in another Poker Solver 😗 product. The entire new Solver tool product will be priced atR$100/year, and the assistant inside will beR$99/month,R$799/year. The simulator, which 😗 integrates the computing power of the new version of Poker Solver, has been making steady money in real money games. 😗 The whole set of tools is better for live games than https://rangeconverter/ . The Poker Assistant assistant version costsR$5,000.The core 😗 functions of the new version of Poker Solver:1: Solver tool set, with Pio Solver’s Nash solver computing ability to solve 😗 the Headsup two-person game, and also has the core computing ability of 2~9-person table Icmizer3 multi-player Nash Solver, and cooperates 😗 with the poker simulator to complete the real-time Ability to calculate and review.2: Poker complete set of mathematical calculation tools 😗 (Poker Tools).3: Simulator and Assistant (Assistant), to meet the real-time calculation of the game and decision-making ability, as well as 😗 the resumption calculation ability.4: The existing game function will become a customized practice function (Quiz), and 500 WSOP best hands 😗 are customized, and you can only play these specific hands.The version you buy now does not integrate these Solver product 😗 functions. This version only meets the AI battle function and specific card and range training functions of the same professional 😗 player level.At the same time, other Poker Solver tools do not have the game battle function in the Single player 😗 stand-alone game.Different products solve different problems. However, the AI in the Single Player stand-alone game will integrate the Nash Solver 😗 computing power when the upgraded version is released, allowing you to experience the effects and functions of the Solver. Although 😗 the current version does not have Nash computing, it can basically guarantee 70% of the decisions are correct. up.The new 😗 version of Poker Solver will be released in March 2024, and this Single player stand-alone game will be updated at 😗 the same time.This means that until March 2024, buyers can still experience the advanced features in Single player stand-alone games.The 😗 removal of these advanced features does not mean that the product is devalued. In the new version of the game, 😗 there are 4 advanced strategies for you to configure freely. In the game interface, you can still see the data 😗 analysis capabilities displayed by various upgraded advanced tools. The data displayed by these real-time calculations is valuable knowledge.The 4 strategies 😗 include:1: Pio Preflop Chart2: Push/Fold3: Nash Equilibrium Solver4:10Groups RangeThe table below shows the functional price comparison between the computing tools 😗 in the game and other Texas-related computing products on the market.In this game, you can freely organize the table, freely 😗 set the blind level, freely set the hand range of each opponent, freely set the opponent's AI type, and freely 😗 set your own hand range, so that every time you deal You're dealt cards in this range, and you're free 😗 to set one of the 20 good cards for a definite workout.In the game, the complete real-time calculation of each 😗 player's various winning rate data on each street, listening to the winning rate, and EV data saves you from the 😗 trouble of manual calculation, and will also give you AI decision-making suggestions from professional textbooks. These ensure you can complete 😗 on-demand training. and judging whether it makes sense to you.The complete display of these information in the game is also 😗 to help you analyze the game, so that you can know the logic of your own winning and losing, where 😗 you win and where you lose.There will no longer be any free version on the mobile phone, nor will there 😗 be any advertisements, and there will be no advertisements on all versions of the entire platform.New products and new features 😗 will be continuously released and updated.In the past two years, I have been researching and practicing the ability of Poker 😗 Solver, and will complete the release of new products next year. Extremely powerful solver ability.Regarding the price of the game, 😗 it will only become more and more expensive, because I am making more and more money in the game, so 😗 why should something of value be cheap. This is the long-term value compounding of self-development.Be careful and make valuable products, 😗 which is the original intention and purpose.manual:core function:1: Click the function board card to set the community card, and click 😗 the hole card icon to set the hole card.2: Different player types can be set, and each player has a 😗 different range of actions. These ranges also determine different action logics.3: Equity calculator, draw equity calculator, EV calculator, real-time poker 😗 simulator tool.4: Real-time poker simulator tool, this is the most important for online professional players, which greatly simplifies the time 😗 consumption of thinking and performing calculations.5: Advisor (advisor) provides you with a standard play, the basic guarantee is not to 😗 lose money.6: Before the action decision, provide the EV value of different actions and betsize.7: Practice the advisor and action 😗 EV in the battle mode.Core value points:1: Poker simulator tool: When playing poker online, professional players can display the complete 😗 mathematical data immediately after entering the opponent's range in real time according to the situation of the game table, saving 😗 users calculation time and energy, and providing standardized behavior suggestions. These real-time and accurate calculation data and standardized action suggestions 😗 help players make quick decisions.Value point: It saves the player's energy consumption in mathematical calculations in the game, and allows 😗 the player to invest more energy to focus on the accurate determination of the player's playing range and the use 😗 of real-time data to make decisions based on experience.Real-time display of all poker game data, which is not available in 😗 other tools. I combined the various data calculation functions scattered in multiple Texas poker calculation software into the real game. 😗 The player only needs to determine the opponent's range.In the simulator, Preflop and postflop are also purchased professional range action 😗 data, which can be set in the simulator: stacks deep, bet size, and player position to see the real-time advisor. 😗 Now this advisor is conservative.range data comes from rangeconverter/solution_formats/eight_max-MTT-Complete-Postflop-Addon-NEWOnlineViewer-yearly The core of the simulator is that you need to have 😗 the ability to judge the opponent's range of action. This is also one of the most basic and most important 😗 abilities of playing cards.If you don’t have the ability to display the range of Texas Hold'em at all, then you 😗 can use this tool to repeatedly play poker to familiarize yourself with the range. In the battle mode I provide 😗 the ability to display the range in real time. Let you clearly see how different people in different ranges play, 😗 and those actions are standard textbook play styles for professional players.Real-time display of complete data: The data standard provided comes 😗 from the result of 10,000 times Equity calculated by Monte Carlo method. In the battle mode with AI, you need 😗 to turn on the observer mode switch (observer)Data in the avatar frame:1): EV: 0.70BB, indicating the EV data after the 😗 current operation. BB stands for the big blind value.2): equity data for each street:2r: 4; 12.93%. Format: 2r (to river 😗 equity, calculated to river street Equity): rank (in the current surviving players, own 2r Equity ranked); equity (own real-time 2r 😗 Equity, 2r Equity calculated from your own perspective). Indicates that the Equity data to River Street is calculated based on 😗 the player's own hole cards against other players' range or hole cards.nd: 1; 72.67%. Format: nd (next street equity, your 😗 own Equity on the next street): rank (ranked your own nd Equity among the current surviving players); equity (your own 😗 real-time nd Equity, nd Equity calculated from your own perspective). Indicates that the nd Equity data to the next street 😗 is calculated according to the player's own hole cards against other players' range or hole cards.cp: 1; 88.23%. cp (current 😗 street pure equity, the pure Equity of one's current street): rank (ranked of one's own cp Equity among the current 😗 surviving players); equity (your own real-time cp Equity, cp Equity calculated from your own perspective). Represents the calculated cp Equity 😗 data on the current street based on the player's own hole cards against other players' range or hole cards.Outs: 30, 😗 which indicates the number of draws made by players on that street. At this time, you can open the hands 😗 card strength information table, and you can see the probability of the current hole cards and board cards developing to 😗 various draws on each street.1: In preflop and river street, showing 2r is enough.2: On flop, turn street: displays the 😗 complete 2r, nd, cp data, and on flop, turn street, you can see the outs data of the player in 😗 that street at the same time.These real-time Equitys and draw data assist in determining the hole cards against other players' 😗 hole cards or ranges, their own hands card strength and winning ability, and help them make action decisions on various 😗 streets.The betsize window at the top of the interface shows the human player (self) under the current action menu, the 😗 EV value ranking of each action in the action menu, the leftmost is the best, and it decreases from left 😗 to right (if there is only the leftmost data, then it is According to EV evaluation, this action is the 😗 most appropriate, and other actions do not need to be considered). This is based on the action logic shown by 😗 the EV. This is also the EV data of each action calculated by the player himself before the action. (The 😗 EV data in the avatar range is the EV data after the action, and the meaning of the two is 😗 different).This 4-speed EV table of betsize is the data display for making decisions based on EV when displaying the street.In 😗 fact, EV has no absolute correct meaning in action guidance before and after the flop (preflop and postflop), and it 😗 is not correct to make decisions based on the positive and negative EV.Advisor (Advisor): Shows the decision in this street, 😗 comprehensively assessing the following content: player's hole cards, opponents' range or hole cards, current own 2r, nd, cp Equity data 😗 and Equity ranked, and the player's own position Table position, player's current stacks deep, current number of people remaining at 😗 the table, EV data of each action in the current menu, and bankroll management. The current advisors tend to be 😗 conservative, and the goal is to try not to lose money.Advisor also implements a standardized pre-flop strategy in preflop.Advisor also 😗 implemented the post-flop strategy suggested by rangeconverter in postflop.In the battle against AI mode, you need to turn on the 😗 advisor mode switch (observer).Click on the user's avatar to open the user's scope, view or set the scope.Click on the 😗 hole cards, you can open to view or set the hole cards.Click on the board card, you can open to 😗 view or set the board card.In the simulator, click the D icon to switch the position of the dealer.Click the 😗 gray D icon to reset the position of the dealer.Regarding range setting or selection:1: Provides the standard range for various 😗 filling actions in the preflop stage.2: Provide 24 kinds of action ranges commonly used by professional players. Each professional player 😗 divides all hole card combinations into 10 action groups. You can see the action ranges of tag, lag, rock, maniac, 😗 and nit players.3: Provides a view of the opponent's mathematical action range based on the opponent's vpip and pfr. Vpip 😗 and pfr can view these two values ​​of opponents from third-party statistical software licensed online, such as holdem manager 2.The 😗 graphical Equity calculator provides a complete and correct Equity calculation function.I provide complete toflop, toturn, toriver's montecarlo and Enum calculation 😗 methods. It has the same effect as Power-Equilab, and its own data is guaranteed to be correct.When Power-Equilab calculates toflop 😗 and toturn, the data is often incorrect (why it is not, you will know by playing with his montecarlo and 😗 Enum methods, the longer the calculation, the greater the deviation of the two data, which is wrong), But the calculation 😗 result of to river is correct. It sells forR$40/year. It does not have a real-time calculation method in the game. 😗 It is not suitable for actual combat, but only for review calculations, lacking actual combat significance.The provided Equity calculator, draw 😗 calculator, and EV calculator are all to ensure that you know the correctness of the data calculation results and allow 😗 you to trust the correctness and stability of the function.The AI ​​in the battle mode comes from the range of 😗 24 professional players. You can conduct targeted range confrontation strategy training.1): Various AIs and advisors use the same standard professional 😗 gameplay action logic. The difference from yours is only the hole cards and the action range.2): 14 types of chip 😗 depths (10BB~100BB, 200BB) are provided (different medals will open different new chip depths, and different chip depths will have different 😗 playing methods). Because of the different chip depths, the card game will be played The strategy is completely different.3): AI 😗 adopts the textbook style of professional players. You can understand the AI's action logic in thousands of matches, you can 😗 learn this action logic, and you can also find the corresponding exploiting AI logic. Repeated training can help you quickly 😗 identify the opponent's ability and the opponent's range.If it is in Steam, there is no sound.0: under \Steam\steamapps\common\Solo King-Single Player 😗 Texas Holdem Poker\Windows_Release, rename Windows_Release to Windows_Release11: Adjust your computer sound controller.2: You can download the game from D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Solo King-Single 😗 Player Texas Holdem Poker\Windows_ReleaseMove another folder, and then click TexasHoldEmSingle.exe to have sound.

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