All new boilers shall be hydrostatically tested to a pressure of not
less than 2 times the operating pressure before being put into operation.

     All boilers shall be retested to 1-1/2 times the operating pressure
every 12 months.  Boilers shall be retested after any repairs or modifications.
These tests must be witnessed by and approved by a State of Maryland Boiler
Inspector, who will issue a certificate of inspection valid for one year and
assign a boiler ID number.

     Boilers shall show no bulging or displacement of sheets. firebox, barrel
or any pressure surface, no serious leaks, no unusual sounds, and no sudden 
drop in pressure either while building up pressure or at the maximum pressure.

     If the steam gauge range is sufficient it shall be left in place during
the tests and a record made of its indications and compared with the master 
gauge in 25 P.S.I. increments. If the range is not high enough to stand the 
test pressure it shall be removed and tested against the master gauge.

     Owners shall supply gags, plugs or caps for the safety valves and any 
appurtenance they do not want test pressure to reach. They shall also supply 
a fitting. preferably for a blowdown or washout plug opening, threaded on one
end to fit their boiler and threaded 1/8" I.P.T. male or female on the other end. 
This fitting is for making connections to the test equipment.

                   Approved Test equipment will be made available by the Society.

     The owners may conduct the test themselves but the test must be witnessed 
and recorded by a State of Maryland Boiler Inspector.

     The State Boiler Inspectors will fill out and file the necessary records 
of the test and sign the report that they witness. A copy will be given to the 
owner, and a copy will be retained by the State Boiler Inspector.

     (1) The construction print(s)/drawing(s)/sketch(es). (2) the material 
specifications, (3) and the welding/soldering specifications. are necessary 
information to have on hand as the Inspector may wish to review them. but 
(4) all stress calculations are required for all steam boilers prior to inspection.
Copies of the Stress Analysis Data Form are available from the Society Secretary.
Two copies of the completed stress analysis form must accompany each boiler when 
submitted for inspection by the Inspector for the first time.

     Visitors operating a boiler on the facilities of the Society will be required
to have a boiler test certificate from a State authority having safety requirements
equivalent to those of Maryland.  If a visitor does not meet the above requirements,
he will not be permitted to steam his boiler until it is tested and approved by the
State of Maryland Boiler Inspector. and a certificate of inspection issued.

     Safety valves shall open at. and hold the pressure at not over 106% of the
operating pressure.

     The boiler test advisory committee of the Society shall prohibit firing of 
any boiler which does not meet the aforesaid requirements except for Inspection


     The State of Maryland requires all miniature boilers operated in public places
be certified for use by a Maryland State Boiler Inspector or by a State Inspector 
of the State of a visiting boiler.  The Society can not accept certification by 
any other than a State Boiler Inspector.

     Two copies of the form, DATA FOR STATE OF MARYLAND BOILER TEST, must be
completed (as much as is possible) and submitted to the Maryland State Boiler
Inspector when the boiler is presented for the first time to the Inspector for
a hydrostatic test. All calculations must be completed. Use a ball-point pen to
fill in the forms.

     All dimensions are in inches. Use decimals for fractions of an inch.

     Staybolt pitch is the distance between the centers of adjacent staybolts.

     "Psig" stands for "pounds per square inch, gauge" that is, the pressure 
      as indicated by a pressure gauge.

     Upon passing the initial boiler inspection, a copy of this form will be 
returned to you and the second copy filed with the Maryland Boiler Inspection 
Office. The Inspector will issue you a boiler inspection identification number 
plate which you  must  permanently  and conspicuously affix to your equipment.

     Future annual boiler inspections will not require sub mission of this form
unless the boiler has been altered.

     A Maryland State Boiler Inspection is performed annually during April at 
the facilities of the Chesapeake & Allegheny Steam Preservation Society or at 
an otherwise designated location each year. Other group inspection dates may 
be arranged as required. (The Inspector will also inspect a boiler at your 
home [in Maryland] if given 7 days advanced notice. You must have all test
equipment on hand for him to make the test)

     There is a $15.00 fee for the inspection of boilers owned by Maryland 
residents. There is no charge for the inspection for boilers owned by 
out-of-state visitors.

     If additional copies are required these may be photocopied or they may be
obtained from Paul Seyfrit, Secretary, 10121 Durango Drive, Damascus Maryland 20872.
  Phone (301) 253-6309.
A stamped. self-addressed envelope will be appreciated.

                        Prepared by
       Chesapeake & Allegheny Steam Preservation Society. Inc.

Owner _________________________________      Boiler Application
                                             ___ Locomotive   ___ Tractor
Address _______________________________      ___ Stationary   ___ Marine
        _______________________________       Operating pressure  ________  psig
Maryland Boiler Number _______________________  Fuel  ____________________

    Operating Pressure - Boiler pressure designed for operation and to which the
    safety valves are set.

    Working Pressure - Boiler pressure based on the code calculations which 
    pressure may be significantly greater than the "Operating Pressure."

2. Boiler Materials and Specifications (When available)

       Shell  ......................................_______________________________ 

      Tube Sheet, Throat Sheet ....................._______________________________

      Firebox Wrapper  ............................._______________________________  

      Tubes ........................................______________________________    

      Stays ........................................______________________________   

      Welding, brazing, or silver solder alloys ...  ______________________________

3.1Allowable Material Stress 

 Carbon Steel:                Ultimate tensile stress.... 50,000 psi

                              Code factor of safety ........4

                              Allowable working stress.......12,500 psi

                              No temperature allowance is required for
                              pressures up to 250 psig.

Copper:                       Ultimate tensile stress...........30,000 psi

                              Code factor of safety............ 5
                              Allowable working stress with temperature allowances:

                              Room temperature                  6,000 psi
                              80 psig @ 324 degrees F           4,400 psi
                              90 psig @ 332 degrees F           4,300 psi
                             100 psig @ 338 degrees F           4,200 psi
                             110 psig @ 344 degrees F           4,100 psi
                             120 psig @ 350 degrees F           4,000 psi

3.2 Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP):

     a. Boiler Shell                P = Maximum Allowable Working Pressure - (psig)
                                    s = Allowable material stress - (psi)
P = s x t x c (psig)                r = Outside shell radius - (inches)
        r                           t = Wall thickness - (inches)
                                    c = Constant - 1 seamless tube, 0.8 welded tube

P = (   ) x (   ) x  (   )
         (         )                =  _________________________ psig

     b. Stayed Surfaces:            p = Stay bolt pitch (Larger dimension if not
                                        square spacing) - (inches)

P = t2 x s x c (psig)               c - constant
                                        2.1- For welded or silver soldered stay bolts
                                        2.8- For welded or silver soldered stay bolts
                                             with heads

P = (   )2 x (   ) x (   )   = _________________________psig
       (           )2

C.  Stay Bolts                     a -Cross sectional area (Square inches) of staybolt
                                      root of thread if threaded.
p = a x s   (psig)                 h - Stay bolt spacing (inches) horizontal
    h x v                          v - Stay bolt spacing (inches) vertical

P = (    ) x (    )    = ________________________psig
    (    ) x (    )

        3.3 Calculated Factor of Safety (CFS):Must be done for Boiler Shell, Stayed 
Surfaces,and Stay Bolts using MAWP calulated from above. 

CFS = MAWP (psig) x Code Factor of Safety  =   ___________
          Max Operating Pressure

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